Sacroiliac Pain

There's no such thing as an ordinary backache. Where you hurt and how you hurt are important clues to the cause of your back pain. When you feel an ache o n o ne side of the lower back, near the hip, it's usually an indication of a sacroiliac problem.

The sacroiliac is made up of the lower torso, hips, and pelvis, attached so that they move as o ne unit. In the upper back, each side can move independently. Try it: you can lift o ne shoulder at a time or both together; it's not difficult. The hips, though, won't move as freely. You can hurt yourself just moving the wrong way, turning in your seat, or lifting something awkwardly.

Chiropractic can help! The Doctor will pinpoint the exact source of the pain. It may be inadequate flexibility or a joint out of position due to injury or strain. Gentle, effective chiropractic care can restore proper positioning of the vertebrae and sacroiliac joints, easing discomfort and freeing the body to heal itself.